About Bus Bulletin

Bus Bulletin Notification System: Helping you communicate time-critical transportation information to Parents, Students, School Administrators, Transportation Staff, and District Personnel

  • BusBulletin.com is a web-based pupil transportation notification system designed specifically for district transportation departments to improve communication of transportation information.
  • Bus Bulletin provides pre-worded notifications that are sent and received in less than 30 seconds, which enables you to send timely notifications for:
  • Notifications are received via text-message, e-mail, voice call or any combination
  • Sending notifications is simple and fast – requiring 4 mouse clicks and less than 10 seconds.
  • Parents maintain their own contact information, so district transportation departments do not need to devote resources to adding or updating parent contact information.
  • Bus Bulletin is fully hosted on our secure servers; which means that district transportation departments do not need any district IT resources other than an Internet connection and web browser.

Parents, Students and School Administrators

Delayed Buses
Substitute Buses
Rescheduled Routes
Severe Weather
Other Transportation Information

Transportation and District Staff

Severe Weather
Unsafe Driving Conditions
Driver Meetings
Scheduled Events
This is a wonderful service! Thank you so much!
Linda Boswell, Walton County Schools Parent
“Bus Bulletin has enabled us to send a message to parents regarding their Special Need’s students in a timely fashion. This has greatly reduced the time spent calling parents to notify them of any occasion that our buses are delayed and behind schedule.
Most of our parents have given us positive feedback about Bus Bulletin and how quickly they received the messaged compared to the past means.
If you want a user friendly software that sends out information to parents, schools and administrators quickly, then I would recommend Bus Bulletin to any transportation department but strongly recommend it to the Special Needs Transportation Community.”
Jack Wix, Special Needs Transportation Supervisor, Richland School District 2, SC
I just signed up and I really love this idea! Thank you.

Becky Kindle, Bay County District Schools Parent

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