New Features: Spanish and Custom Notifications!

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Bus Bulletin is excited to announce two new features that have just been released. Parents can now elect to receive notifications in Spanish. All pre-worded notification options have been translated and are now sent in English or Spanish. Another feature that is sure to be popular is the ability for districts to create custom bus notification options. This feature allows districts to add pre-worded options for scenarios that they may encounter. Adding an option takes less than a minute and is immediately available.

Pilot Program to Notify School Administrators

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Bus Bulletin has expanded its pilot program to include an option to notify School Administrators of delays, accidents and schedule changes that affect buses transporting students to or from their school. This pilot program is sure to be an instant times saver for the district transportation department. Bus Bulletin enables the transportation department to send a notification in less than ten seconds that is received by up to eight school contacts. This saves considerable time looking up phone numbers and calling school administrators. School administrators value Bus Bulletin notifications for a variety of reasons. In the mornings, the notifications allow them to know which buses will be arriving late; this saves time spent revising attendance. In the afternoons, the notifications help ensure that students are guided to substitute buses, or informed of buses that are running late. Since parents often call the schools asking about buses, it also allows them to quickly answer questions without needing to call the transportation department. Included in this pilot program is the ability to designate a district-wide Accident Notification Team. The Accident Notification team receives immediate notifications whenever an accident or emergency occurs. The team can consist of the district superintendent and other key personnel, including board members. Accident notifications are valuable to district personnel because they are equipped to provide knowledgeable answers to questions from news media and parents. Depending on how well this pilot program is received – Bus Bulletin will begin to allow districts to purchase an annual subscription just for … Read More

Bus Bulletin for ESE / Special Needs Students

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Bus Bulletin has recently decided to allow district transportation departments to use its notification system for ESE and Special Needs students only. Special Needs students and their parents are more likely to experience inconveniences than other students when a school bus is late or has encountered a schedule change. Using Bus Bulletin notification system can reduce those inconveniences and eliminate frustration by informing students, parents, and school administrators when their bus is experiencing a delay or a schedule change. We recognize that district transportation departments expend considerable effort to safely and conveniently transport Special Needs students and to accommodate their parents. This decision allows districts to provide more services with less effort by using Bus Bulletin notification system to quickly notify Special Needs students and their parents.

Walton County School District 2013 Bus Routes Now Available

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Important note for all parents and guardians of students riding buses to schools in the Walton County School district. Please select new bus routes for your children. Each school year bus routes change. The routes that you selected for the last school year are no longer accurate; so we have removed those routes and need you to select new routes for this school year. To add new bus routes, sign in to Bus Bulletin and select the “Add Bus Route” button under “Step 2: My Bus Routes”. If you have forgotten your password, select the “Forgot Your Password” link on the Sign In page. If you are unsure which bus your child rides, the transportation department has a link on their website that allows you to locate the bus using your address. You may go directly to the link here: Note for parents of students who attend one of the charter schools: If your child rides a bus to another school and then catches a shuttle to the charter school; you will need to select a route for each bus that the child rides to and from school. If you have any questions about bus numbers, routes or times; please contact the Walton County Schools transportation department at (850) 892-1100 Ext. 1642. Thank you for using Bus Bulletin and have a safe school year.