Jack Wix, Special Needs Transportation Supervisor, Richland School District 2, SC

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“Bus Bulletin has enabled us to send a message to parents regarding their Special Need’s students in a timely fashion. This has greatly reduced the time spent calling parents to notify them of any occasion that our buses are delayed and behind schedule. Most of our parents have given us positive feedback about Bus Bulletin and how quickly they received the messaged compared to the past means. If you want a user friendly software that sends out information to parents, schools and administrators quickly, then I would recommend Bus Bulletin to any transportation department but strongly recommend it to the Special Needs Transportation Community.”

Brenda Baker, Route Coordinator, Walton County Florida School District

Gordon FrobeniusTestimonials

BusBulletin.com is such a great tool and cuts down on phone calls from parents and schools. We are able in just a few seconds to notify parents and employees of sub-drivers, highway construction delays, or anything else. The service and support we’ve received from the Bus Bulletin staff have also made this a great experience!

Jim Hicks, Transportation Coordinator, Walton County Florida School District

Gordon FrobeniusTestimonials

With budget constraints throughout our District, Bus Bulletin gives us a great communication tool without additional personnel – at a fair cost … Bus Bulletin has improved our parent communication tremendously – without an increase in our workload … Finally, a software program that truly works for you, it’s nice to call and speak with a real person and know that our issue will be resolved immediately.

A.M., Bay County District Schools Parent

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I received my first Bus Bulletin notifcation today letting me know the bus would be up to 15 minutes late.  It was so nice to get the notification and be able to tell the kids and other parents at the bus stop that it would be coming late.  All of us were understanding today instead of irritated that it was running so late.  Thank you for providing this service!