Features of Bus Bulletin

Many of the great features that currently exist in Bus Bulletin were developed at the request of the districts that use it. We are constantly looking for new features to add because we believe that functionality that provides value to one district will be useful to other districts. When we add functionality, there is no cost and it is available to all districts.

Bus Notifications

  1. Four mouse clicks in less than ten seconds to send pre-worded messages
  2. Pre-worded options cover numerous scenarios (Delay, Substitute Bus, Accident, Emergency etc…)
  3. Optional free-form messages allows you to type in a custom message
  4. Custom pre-worded notifications options available (see below)
  5. Option to send message to Parents (and students), School Administrators, or both

Custom Pre-worded Notification Options

  1. Create and customize your own pre-worded bus notifications for any scenario

Accident/Emergency Notifications

  1. Designate district staff to receive notifications for accidents or emergencies
  2. One message sent to parents, another more detailed message can be sent to district personnel

Accident Report Form

  1. Create and store Accident Report forms containing detailed accident data
  2. Upload and digitally store pictures of the accident or any other associated files, documents, etc…
  3. Generate PDF version for digital storage and e-mail distribution

Automatic Updates

  1. Nightly, or periodic update of route data ensures that the latest route data is in the system

Bus Notifications via School

  1. Used to select all buses transporting students to/from a chosen school
  2. Useful when weather or other conditions affect all, or multiple, buses for a school
  3. Option to send message to Parents (and students), School Administrators, or both

School-Wide or District-Wide Bus Notifications

  1. Used to send notifications to all routes for selected schools or all schools in the district
  2. Useful when some event affects routes for all or multiple schools
  3. Several filter options available, Special Ed, Regular Ed, Shuttle Routes, etc…
  4. Option to send message to Parents (and students), School Administrators, or both

Employee/Driver Notifications

  1. Designate staff by departments or groups
  2. Send notifications to individuals, groups, or all staff
  3. Useful for instructing drivers and staff to report early due to weather conditions

Parent Participation

  1. Parents may self-register or be automatically enrolled
  2. Access can be restricted to only those who pass through a parent portal