Bus Bulletin is a website that allows personnel in the school district transportation department to notify you with information regarding your child’s bus. You have the choice to receive text messages, e-mails, or voice notifications on your cell or home phone. Typically, text messages are received within 30 seconds from the time they are sent. This means you know when it still matters, not after the fact.


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No. All we need to know is the school your child attends and the bus that he/she rides. We do not ask for any information that will identify them.
The founders of Bus Bulletin have school age children who ride buses in a district that uses Bus Bulletin. The safety of ALL children is first and foremost in our minds. In fact, the main reason for creating this software was to reduce the amount of time that a child has to wait beside the road for a bus that is delayed.

We look for users who select an abnormal number of buses and contact district personnel when it happens. In every case it has been district personnel who were responsible for selected buses, or teachers who wanted to receive notifications for buses that transported their students. We also log every notification that is sent and save the log indefinitely, even if the person deactivates their account.

We believe that someone who intends to harm children will find other, more anonymous ways to target children.

In the event that something does happen – we will immediately provide all information to law enforcement agencies.

Usage of Bus Bulletin is free to parents and students. The school district subscribes to the website, there is no cost to you (although fees from your mobile phone provider may apply for text messages or voice calls; please contact them for details).

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No. We respect your privacy and will never sell names, phone numbers or e-mail addresses. If the school district or local law enforcement requests the information while investigating a crime we will make it available to them for that purpose.
No. Outside of notifications that are generated by the school district; we may contact you to ask for feedback or to advise you of a new feature. But we will not send unsolicited notifications.
There are a number of factors that drive what services school districts are able to offer the people they serve (budget, etc.). If sounds like something that would be helpful where you live, give your school district a call, or send them an e-mail, and tell them about us.


I just signed up and I really love this idea! Thank you.Becky Kindle, Bay County District Schools Parent
I received my first Bus Bulletin notifcation today letting me know the bus would be up to 15 minutes late.  It was so nice to get the notification and be able to tell the kids and other parents at the bus stop that it would be coming late.  All of us were understanding today instead of irritated that it was running so late.  Thank you for providing this service!A.M., Bay County District Schools Parent
With budget constraints throughout our District, Bus Bulletin gives us a great communication tool without additional personnel – at a fair cost … Bus Bulletin has improved our parent communication tremendously – without an increase in our workload …
Finally, a software program that truly works for you, it’s nice to call and speak with a real person and know that our issue will be resolved Hicks, Transportation Coordinator, Walton County Florida School District