Peoria District 150 Using Bus Bulletin

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Peroria School Districts Use Bus Bulletin

PEORIA – One District 150 bus ran into a little trouble with the winter weather on Wednesday.

District 150’s director of transportation, Anthony Mendoza said the bus lost air pressure, activating the emergency brakes. A technician was sent out to release the brakes and the bus rolled back into the snow on the side of the road. No kids were on the bus and Mendoza said no one was hurt.

That’s just one example of how the cold and snow can impact travel plans. The district now has some help to keep track of its more 150 buses. It’s still in the process of installing GPS trackers on every bus.

Since the start of the school year parents have been able to sign up for a new bulletin system. People can still sign up to receive texts, emails or phone calls to hear about delays and accidents.

“Very helpful in the cold weather. It’s been very helpful being able to contact the parents right away and let them know their bus is late so the kids don’t have to wait at the bus stop when it’s so cold out,” Mendoza said.

Parents and students can sign up on the District 150 website.

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